The architects who work with us

The experts who have worked with us recognize that we have a technical equipment that allows us to have an out-of-the-ordinary manufacturing flexibility.

We love to experience the realization of a project as a teamwork with the architect. Such an activity is expensive about energy and efforts, because many planning ideas require experience and creative ability to bypass, for example, the limits of the materials and to be able to make the most of the expert's idea.
Such a large production skill leaves more "margins of creativity" to the designer, especially concerning complex structures that are difficult to achieve.

Please, look at our "special projects": they are wine cabinets, refrigerated cabinets and refrigerated modules designed specifically to give our rooms that element of uniqueness that makes the difference. We defined them as "special" because they have a project out of the ordinary, whose realization required commitment, problem solving skills and a great mastery of the different production techniques.
More generally, for years now we have been trying to respect the perfect combination of research and elegance, design and quality, without ever neglecting seriousness, sustainability and respect for the environment.

All this is OMIF.

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