Technical assistance 365 days a year

For Omif, the customer is the most precious asset, and for this we ensure a complete after-sales service. Our assistance center answers calls without interruption of hours or days.

We are proud to state that our customers are never without OMIF's support, seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Today we can be the only point of contact for our customers in the management and maintenance of their premises with consequent economic savings.

Our highly specialized and qualified technicians have the refrigeration technician's license (PIF) as well as updating certificates on all refrigeration systems for commercial premises with different types of gas (R404, R452, R 290, R600, R134). They are also equipped with workshop-mobile vehicles constantly supplied and well equipped to respond quickly to the needs of intervention. We are therefore able to provide direct assistance and maintenance for refrigeration systems, and more.
Coffee machines, coffee grinders, glass washers, dishwashers, ice makers, slicers, ovens, blast chillers, refrigerated counters, cold rooms and in general the professional equipment of bars, cafes, pastry shops, ice cream shops, deli and butchers have no secrets for OMIF technicians. !

We are also equipped with a management and scheduling system for periodic maintenance that allows us to guarantee our customers a greater efficiency and effectiveness over time of their professional equipment with consequent economic savings.

It is no coincidence that for three generations we have been considered an absolute reference in our sector.

We have always been working with the most prestigious brands in the bar & restaurant sector

Ilsa, Tecnodom, Coldline, Everlisting, Enofrigo, Silfer, Tecfrigo, Coldmaster, Forcar, Klimaitalia, Criocabin, Oscartielle, Longoni, Teknaline, Unifrigor, Mondial Framec, Afinox, Sirman.
Unox, Italforni, Alphatech, Faberluk.
Faberluk, Dihr, Ata.
Scotsman, Barline, Simag.
Wega, San Marco.
Wega, San Marco, Mazzer, Eureka.
Fimar, Hotclass, Forcar, Beckers.

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