Professional equipment

Over time, more and more customers have asked us to provide a wide selection of professional equipment for their Food & Beverage premises.

We have treasured our sixty years of experience and selected partners able of managing both the economic and the qualitative needs of our customers.
Come and see the showroom at our headquarter; you can see with your own eyes or buy directly and without intermediaries: coffee machines, coffee grinders, glass washers, dishwashers, ice makers, softeners, slicers, electric ovens, pizza ovens, refrigerated cabinets, refrigerated table, blast chillers, electric plates, induction plates, vertical refrigerators.

Also in this sector, as we have already seen for the design and assistance, the target is to be for our customers not only an absolute reference for the realization of their business but also an opportunity to contain important times and of construction costs.

All this is OMIF.


Refrigerated cabinet, vertical refrigerator for drinks, refrigerated table, refrigerated cabinet for ingredients, saladette, refrigerated pizza counter, blast chiller, freezers, refrigerated display cases


Coffee machine, grinder, coffee grinder, glass washer, dishwasher, toaster, oven, ice makers, slicers, orziera


Hob, induction plate, pasta cooker, deep fryer, fry-top, oven

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